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A Much Simpler Process to Improve Fertility.

Research shows at least 25 correctable factors affect fertility.


Regular Cycles: Regular cycles increase your likelihood of conception.

✔ About 28 days long: A cycle with optimal length allows plenty of time for the egg to mature properly and supports a healthy window for implantation.

✔ Short Cycles: Short cycles are especially detrimental to conception.

✔ A 4 -day period: The length of your period is a good indicator of the health of your uterine lining which allows for the implantation and nourishment of a fertilized embryo.

✔ Sufficient Bleeding: Healthy menstrual bleeding the reflection of a healthy uterine lining.

✔ Free of uncomfortable symptoms: PMS, pain, cramping, and clotting are more than just uncomfortable symptoms around your period, they may indicate larger problems.

Heavy Cramping: In addition to being a drag, infertile women report these types of symptoms in much higher numbers than their fertile counterparts.

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