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Research Shows Cramping, Clotting, and Heavy Bleeding Cause Fertility Issues


Most women have a messed up a period.  

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Most women think that “bleeding like a stuck pig” curled up in your bed all day because of severe cramping is as common as it is consistent.  For several reasons that are larger in scale, it’s become common place for issues to seem normal or go without being addressed.

Everyone thinks this normal.

Common is not "just normal"

Just because 88% of women experience heavy bleeding, cramping and clotting during their periods doesn’t mean that it’s normal when it comes to fertility.  Even doctors claim that these factors do not affect fertility, but the scientific research tells a different story.These kinds of menstrual symptoms have been shown to be highly correlated to infertility. Does this mean that cramping, heavy bleeding and clotting cause infertility? No, but it does mean that if you are struggling to get pregnant and frustrated, this may be an easy first place to start in terms of dramatically improving your chances to get pregnant.

Think about it this way. Your menstrual blood comes from your uterine lining. We can tell a ton about the health of your lining by the color, quantity and quality of your menstrual blood.  If there is a lot of clotting, it means that there is clotted blood in your lining. Remember that your lining is the place where your fertilized egg needs a healthy place to implant. If your lining is populated with a ton of clots (dead blood) there is not viable place for your perfectly fertilized egg to implant. Then the clotting causes heavy bleeding in order to discharge all the clots which leave you exhausted and drained (obviously not good for your fertility). Having just one of these factors can really hurt your fertility and having 2 more can really getting pregnant a big challenge.

What’s common isn’t necessarily normal.

A new way of thinking

Working with thousands of women we’ve learned through positive results that common issues are not normal to your fertile health.  Whether a cultural shift towards women health is needed or simply more medical research, we know that dealing with common fertile factors will cause extreme symptoms to dissipate and true normality return.

Often times this is a multi-step approach, but clusters of issues can be addressed simply.  Conceivable developed a product line to address heavy bleeding, cramping, and clotting to increase a woman’s fertility and chances at conception.

Ways to address heavy bleeding, cramping, clotting

  1. Step 1: Order the Conceivable Release Herbs
  2. Step 2: On the first day of bleeding (cycle day 1), start taking two dropperfulls three times a day by mouth.
  3. Step 3: Continue taking until your period is completely finished.