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Conceivable For Him

Your guide for helping your girl stay sane and have the best chance of getting pregnant.

Conceivable is a program that helps your partner get as healthy and fertile as possible, naturally.  Quite often this goal is achieved by hitting common fertility factors head-on with our natural approach.  That being said, it can often be an overwhelming amount of information to process for new members.  Coupled with the stress and anxiety of dealing with fertility issues and the  situation can be difficult and confusing for all involved.  We’ve made this guide as a tool for you to join in and help where you can.

Working as a team, the three of us can impact the fertility of your lady and have a great time doing it.  Taking these issues head-on provides a wonderful opportunity to reengage in a meaningful relationship, work towards building a family together, and create a meaningful bond to pull through the tough times as they arise.  Dealing with fertility issues is a confronting and raw process and we’re here to tell you, it’s possible to do this naturally and it’s possible to be successful without invasive and expensive medical procedures.  That being said, medical procedures have their place in this process and Conceivable works in a way that will give those expensive options a real fighting chance.

What She’s Feeling

Through decades of research and consulting, we know that women are far harder on themselves than anyone realizes.  Our Conceivable men often find it very strange and confusing that their woman is feeling personally responsible or ‘less womanly’ for their own fertility issues.  Even though we know that fertility is not something a person is personally responsible for, the feelings that women have when dealing with these issues are real, they are strong, and they need support.  Simply talking about these feelings is a wonderful way to participate in this journey, but there is a lot more you can do that won’t seem like much maybe, but when looking at it from your partner's perspective will mean a lot.

The feelings of frustration and anxiety create a ton of stress in the body.  Stress is a common factor that has been scientifically shown to reduce fertility in a woman’s body.  Helping reduce stress at home and increasing the opportunities for relaxation and companionship are key contribution points. You might be thinking, “I have no idea how to reduce my girls stress or the stress at our home.” Don’t worry, we are going to be right there for you every step to give you easy steps to make this whole process move smoothly.

What You Can Do

Men really want to fix stuff.  That’s not a handyman joke from the 1950’s, it’s in our nature and there is a real feeling of wanting to just fix the problem.  Fertility issues are complicated and they are layered, and there is a ton of information that makes it really confusing.  Later on we will discuss how Conceivable impacts multiple factors related to fertility to create a cumulative lift in the body’s ability to conceive, but for now it’s really important to understand that fixing fertility issues naturally is a process with multiple steps.  When we deal with the first set of issues the symptoms of the second set will show up and so on.  Conceivable is built to progressively deal with the new symptoms and kick them out of the way.  

Conceivable men do a variety of things to assist their women in fertility success. Great partners find a way to help their women relax and find meditative moments through the day.  Sometimes that means cleaning the house or planning a small trip, or simply taking on few more chores while your woman finds some meaningful ways to relax and enjoy her day.  Stress reduction is a core factor in fertility.

Conceivable offers diet and shopping list recommendations.  It can be overwhelming to think about changing this much of your life, and our women feel that pressure especially in the first couple of weeks.  The reality is that with any big goal, it’s achieved in small increments.  We’ve found that the perceived amount of work of the program isn’t matched with the reality once you're in the middle of it, but with anything new it can be overwhelming.  Diet is a core fertility factor and one that great Conceivable men assist with.  Simply by cooking the some of the meals and helping your woman stay aligned with her fertility goal can have a huge impact on your relationship as well as her fertility.

Conceivable men listen.  There is a lot of anxiety and frustration with this process. Listening and just listening is important.  We know, listening doesn’t feel like a proper fixing, but it can be hugely supportive and stress reducing for your lady. Asking about her feelings and how she feels about what’s going on is really important.

Whatever happens you will both deal with together, but along the way finding out where her head is at is a wonderful way to participate in the process.  Feeling heard simply feels good and knowing that she’s not alone has a wonderful psychological effect on the entire situation.  You will both benefit and it’s worth putting the time into making sure you listen successfully, even if it takes her some time to open up about it.  Conceivable men are patient and kind with their fertility partners and they listen.

Getting enough sleep is a fertility factor.  Encouraging your woman to take naps and sleep is a great way to offer support.  Sometimes napping isn’t possible because of to do’s or commitments, but when possible it’s really important to give her the time and space to slow down and ensure that sleep is happening consistently.

Make your move at the right time.  There are windows of ovulation that increase your chances of knocking her up.  It’s really important to take the initiative and be a leader.  Sounds simple, but a lot of men we work with feel that the woman is driving the bus and forget to take charge in this area.  We’re giving you permission, make your moves and make them memorable.  

On more of a checklist item, we do encourage our Conceivable men to get a semen analysis done.  Some prefer to get it done prior to starting our program, but we do not think you should wait to start Conceivable.  There are several reasons to get it done, the most obvious is that it tends to be a non-starter if there is an issue.  But, more than that, we find that it’s really important to the woman to knock it off the list.

Going to the doctor and getting the test done can be uncomfortable and the resistance to doing it stops many men.  We’d like to make it more of a challenge for you, can you go knock one out in the bathroom at the doctor's office?  Our money is on you being able to get it done.  Jokes aside, the reality is that most kits are take it home and drop it off at the lab type situations.  It’s worth it and something you should try after you’ve had lots of sex.  C’mon, let’s not act too hastily and miss out on some good lovin. ;) If you feel weird about going to a doctor's office to, well, you know, produce a sample, you can also get an at home test from a great company here They have a ton of great resources on male fertility as well.

What does Conceivable do?

The short of it is that Conceivable makes your woman’s body the most fertile that it can be.  It doesn’t get her pregnant and it doesn’t do medical intervention. Conceivable has found that when dealing with fertility there are over 50 common fertility factors that must be dealt with on some level before fertility can happen correctly.  For a number of reasons, some of these factors are a bigger deal for some women and less for others.  By addressing these issues head-on with a natural approach, we give fertility a cumulative lift impacting the entire fertility cycle, represented by increasing your ladies Conceivable score.

Conceivable was created by Kirsten Karchmer, a 20 year veteran in fertility acupuncture and a thought-leader in fertility space with nationwide recognition. Through tons and tons of client interactions in her acupuncture clinic, incorporating the findings of over 53 scientific studies, the deep study of Chinese medicinal practices, and the incorporation of natural supplements based on these findings, Kirsten has helped thousands of women achieve success.  You can almost hear those babies crying in unison if you listen closely.

We do want to take a moment and address the supplements.  As part of the program, we send your partner natural supplements in liquid form that she takes daily.  Our supplements are extremely high quality and go through several checks and balances to ensure we are providing what we say we are providing.  We take quality very seriously and refuse to compromise in this area.  You should know that the supplements are natural, honest, and made with care.  They are designed to help with regulating her menstrual cycle and basal body temperatures, improving energy and sleep, and reducing anxiety. You can find the deep dive on our products here.

When Is The Right Time For Conceivable?

There is a timeline for Conceivable and we’ve made a chart or two to explain it clearly.  We typically have women engage with Conceivable from three months and one day of trying to conceive to women who’ve even tried IVF and are now looking for a more affordable solution.  We’ve had success all the way across the board, even with women who have been told they can’t have children due to unexplained infertility or other medically diagnosed issues.

We’ve seen a growing trend of women who use Conceivable as a precursor to IVF.  Using our program to make sure their body is maximally ready to receive the impact of IVF treatment.  Often times women will know that they are going to try to get pregnant and simply want to prepare their body for the upcoming process.

The right time for Conceivable is different for everyone, but because Conceivable works naturally and is much lower cost than expensive treatments we find that women engage us when the time is right for both of you.  The benefit of Conceivable is a woman's body becoming more fertile.  The right time for that is dependent on personal goals and ambitions.  

Conceivable cycles typically start happening 3 months after the program begins.  We expect the full benefits of Conceivable to be realized within 6 months.

How Conceivable Works

Conceivable is a program that evaluates a women's health, menstrual cycles, BBT’s and lifestyle factors. We identified 50 factors that can significantly reduce a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. These are things like, short cycles, long cycles, heavy bleeding, cramping, and PMS to name a few. Often a woman’s lifestyle and diet are also playing a part in giving rise to these issues.  Even just one of these factors can decrease a woman’s chance of getting pregnant. If she has many of them, the combination can have a significantly detrimental effect on her ability to conceive.

Here is the good news, brother.  Most of these issues are totally correctable. Once Conceivable identifies all the issues that are impacting a woman’s fertility, it makes a plan to systematically fix all of them. It isn’t fast, but your girl will start seeing progress every month. She will start to have more energy, less PMS (yes I just said LESS PMS), and be more resilient to stress.  Each month she and her cycle will get healthier and healthier and give you all a great foundation for making a very happy, healthy baby together.