Video: What Your Conceivable Fertility Score™ Can Tell You About Your Fertility


Your Conceivable Fertility Score™ and Your Path to Pregnancy

No two paths to pregnancy are the same, but your Conceivable Fertility Score can give you a sense of where you are on your journey. In a review of Conceivable users, we found that those who successfully achieved pregnancy on our program did so after reaching an average Conceivable Fertility Score of 62.

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Your Conceivable Fertility Score, just like your fertility itself, can and will change over time.

If your score is lower than you'd like, don't stress. Our successful users didn't necessarily start out with a high score, but they used the Conceivable Program to get there. Healthy habits can improve your lifestyle, menstrual cycle, your Fertility Score, and your fertility over time. Your score will show you that you're on the right track, and will inspire you to keep making progress toward optimal fertility. 

See How Your Score Measures Up

Reach Your Fertility Goals. Faster.

The Conceivable Fertility Score motivates you to reach your fertility goals by tracking your diet, lifestyle, stress, menstrual cycle, and more with one simple score.

Finding your Fertility Score has 3 big benefits:

✔ See how it all adds up. Even though you might be tracking your cycle, basal body temperatures, diet, and lifestyle, it’s difficult to see how it all adds up and actually affects your fertility. The Conceivable score analyzes all these factors and gives you one simple score to see how fertile you really are.  

✔ See how the actions you take help you get closer to your fertility goals. Wondering how things like sleep, stress, drinking water, or eating right are actually affecting fertility? Measure these important fertility factors and more with one simple score.

✔ Seeing your progress helps you see what’s possible. The Conceivable score tracks every aspect of your fertility — including your menstrual cycle, diet, lifestyle, stress, and more — to help you stay motivated and learn how every small step adds up to big changes

Knowing Your Score Is The First Step To Better Fertility

Understand Your Fertility. Naturally.

The Conceivable Fertility Score uses a proprietary methodology for identifying the underlying causes of fertility challenges, and makes an intelligent, personalized assessment to help you understand how fertile you are.


Conceivable Helps Women understand their natural Fertility

Conceivable creates a proprietary Fertility Score by assessing fertility factors that include biometric data, cycle metrics, basal body temperatures, and lifestyle habits to predict the likelihood of natural conception. Your score takes into account:

Fertility Factors

Over 7,000 women have used the Conceivable program. By analyzing their data, along with the best peer-reviewed research, we've discovered over 50 fertility factors that affect a woman's ability to conceive. Conceivable helps identify common fertility hurdles and can create a personalized plan to steadily remove roadblocks to pregnancy.

Basal Body Temperature

Conceivable goes beyond using BBT as an ovulation predictor; we've identified a specific BBT curve that is ideal for conception. Conceivable can help you understand the relationship between your BBT and your propensity to conceive, and help you adjust your temperatures into their ideal range.

Cycle Health

Specific menstrual cycle metrics provide strong signals related to natural fertility. By measuring these factors, you can gain insight about how your cycle relates to your reproductive health.


Lifestyle factors like hydration, sleep and diet have been shown to significantly impact fertility. Conceivable evaluates your lifestyle habits and produces a score to help you make the right choices every day to maximize fertility.

All Your Fertility Factors, One Simple Score.