The Real Reason Stress Is Terrible For Fertility — And What To Do About It

You've heard it a million times: stress is bad for your fertility. But as many times as you've heard it, you've probably never gotten a great answer as to why.

What I want to do is help you understand why you should be concerned with the amount of stress in your life and how it directly affects the underlying issues that contribute to your overall fertility.

So why does stress have such a negative effect on our fertility? Keep reading to find out...

Becoming the Most Conceivable You

Becoming the Most Conceivable You

Conceivable looks at fertility differently. While it's often ignored, your ability to successfully conceive and carry a pregnancy to term actually changes over time. In this respect, fertility is a continuum with many factors that may influence your fertility at any given point.

While some fertility factors are out of your control, like blocked fallopian tubes, for instance, there are tons of fertility factors that are completely in your own hands.