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What Only Getting Your Period For One Day Means For Your Fertility

Many women love the idea of having their period for only a day or two, thinking it makes life much easier. While a short period may be good news for your pad and tampon budget, it’s not great for your fertility.

How short is too short when it comes to your period? An ideal cycle is characterized by four days of bleeding during which you’re soaking a tampon or pad every four hours with no clotting or cramping.

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4 Things Your Period Can Tell You About Your Fertility

If you've ever compared notes with a girlfriend, you've likely found that your periods are as different as your wardrobes. Clotting, cramping, heavy bleeding, light bleeding…women’s menstrual cycles run the gamut of experience.   

All those differences are no big deal and are completely normal, right? Wrong. Paying attention to what happens during that time of the month can actually tell you a lot about the quality of the uterine lining itself and therefore, your fertility. Let’s take a look.

What Color Is Your Period? What Your Menstrual Blood Says About Your Fertility

If you’re like most women, when that time of the month hits, you’re already ready for it to be over. However, I stress to my patients that your menses are an incredibly important gauge of your health and fertility. In fact, the color of your menstrual blood can be incredibly telling.

Menstrual blood can run spectrum of hues—from watery pink, fresh red, rusty brown, blue, and even black. But what do all these variations mean? More importantly, what can your period color mean for your fertility?