Insider Tips For Trying To Conceive Naturally

Let's face it, dealing with infertility really stinks, no matter how you look at it.

Having to pay a ton of money and subject yourself to dozens of shots and drugs, is not only scary but also leaves women more than a little disappointed to have to go the scientific route for conception.

In order to avoid all of this, more and more couples are searching for affordable and natural fertility solutions. The problem is that there are a ton of products on the market that brand themselves as natural solutions, but truthfully, I think they are a load of bunk. I have been doing some product reviews to help couples sort through the massive amount of product offerings and help them get the best bang for their buck (and their precious time).

While I am being paid to write this review for The Stork OTC, I will be giving an authentic review of the product. You, my dear readers, are my first priority, and I am fiercely protective of you.

Women often ask me,  "Isn't there something... an interim step between doing nothing and IVF?"

The truth is there are a few things: 

1. You can start tracking and learn your cycle. Learn when you are ovulating, and learning what is working and not working. Things like short cycles, PMS, cramping, and scanty bleeding can significantly impact your chances of conceiving and for the bulk of women, all of those are totally correctable. Conceivable is your tool here, because I don't know of anything else that can do that.

2. Once you learn about how your cycle affects your fertility, and get your cycle optimized, you can use The Stork OTC as another way to increase your chances of conception. This is particularly useful if your man has motility issues. I can also see the Stork being extremely useful for couples who are using known donors who might otherwise blast through ridiculous amounts of cash doing inseminations.

The Stork OTC is well designed and easy to use.  It also makes doing something as awkward as insemination yourself, less weird.

However, I do think that it is still expensive given that it is $80 per use. Yes, that is significantly less expensive than an insemination in a doctor's office, but if you are doing 2 or 3 inseminations per month, you are still looking at a significant investment. The good news is that they do offer a discount for buying multipacks. (details here)

One thing is for certain, make the investment in your health and your partner's health first. Your body is your biggest asset that you have. Figuring out where your cycle needs work and fixing it, getting adequate rest, managing your stress, and eating the right foods will make whatever you do work better and make your dollars go further.